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  • Facial treatments

  • Waxing - underarm, bikini, arm and leg

  • Eye treatments - eyebrow and eyelash

  • Eyebrow tint and shape

  • Lash lift and tint

  • Nails - polish, extension and shape

  • Manicure and pedicure

If you need facial treatments or a manicure and pedicure session, call us on

A range of manicure and pedicure treatments

At Beautique, we offer a range of beauty treatments from facial cleansing and moisturising to waxing and nail work in Peterborough. Call us on 07793 964 491 to book an appointment with one of our beauticians or hair stylists.


If you are looking for a salon offering excellent beauty treatments in Peterborough, then pop in and enjoy being pampered by our friendly, warm and experienced stylists.

Whether it's waxing, eyebrow shaping or tinting or any facial treatments, you can walk in to our salon to get the type of treatment you want. You can also consult our experts and take their expert advice on the method or treatment that will suit your skin, eyebrow or nails.

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